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  • Soursop juice

    Soursop juice- delicious and healthy

    The botanical name of the stingannone is Annona muricata. It belongs to the family of the Annona and is called because of its sweet-sour taste in the German linguistic usage also as Sauersack, while in other languages ​​also Graviola, Soursop, Corossol, Sirsak Guanabana or Guyabano means. The special feature of the soursop is that all plant parts can be utilized and consumed in different ways. Of course, this also applies to the fruit, from which a delicious, mineral and vitamin-rich juice is pressed.

    Graviola - the fruit from which sousop juice is squeezed

    Soursop or graviola is an evergreen tree that can reach heights of growth of up to twelve meters under natural conditions. In uncultured form, the graviola has a little branched treetop. Their leaves are slightly shiny, sit alternately on the branches and remind of the appearance of bay leaves. The flowers of the soursop are of greenish yellow color. They have an elongated shape and contain three sepals and petals. The graviola juice is obtained from the fruit of the soursop, which is botanically counted among the berries. With a length of up to 40 centimeters and a weight of up to four kilograms, it far exceeds the expectations associated with the appearance of a berry. The skin of the fruit is covered with soft spines, which, as remnants of the female genitalia, have no protective function against predators.

    Soursop- distribution and benefits

    Originally the stingannon comes from South America, Asia, India and the Caribbean. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. It prefers semi-arid, so-called semi-arid climate, and grows in the lowland forests. Today, the spiny-anemone is cultivated in all tropical regions as a fruit tree, including in Spain. Soursop or graviola juice is extracted from the juicy white pulp. The juicy texture of the graviola fruit gives a rich yield of graviola juice. When mature, the graviola is very sensitive to pressure, so it is hardly transportable. To process it into graviola juice, the pulp is removed from the prickly shell. The black seeds contained in the fruit are removed because they have a toxic effect and are not suitable for consumption. It is hoped that the Graviola leaves and the acetogenins they contain will be able to produce an effective remedy for cancer cells in the future.

    The uses of graviola are based on regional customs. It is above all the South American countries in which the fruit is squeezed out and drunk as spiky juice. The stingannon is not only the fruity raw material for soft drinks, but is also processed into jam and ice cream. In Indonesia, the puree of the soursop is used for puddings and other sweets, while the unripe fruit in the Philippines is preferred as a vegetable. Other applies to the Caribbean islands. There, the graviola is not processed into spiky juice. Instead, the fermented leaves are used for the preparation of graviola tea.

    Soursop juice and its ingredients

    Soursop juice contains valuable vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients. It has a very high content of vitamin C as well as B vitamins, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. The stingannon or graviola juice also contains antioxidants as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and lipids. Noteworthy are also the Annonaceius acetogenins, which are active substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Soursop juice also promotes digestion and has a dehydrating effect. Not only does it get your lazy intestines moving, it also improves the intestinal flora and soothes an over-acidified stomach. In addition, it regulates blood sugar levels, cleanses and cares for the liver, lowers high blood pressure and has a healing effect on respiratory diseases. These are just a few of the positive effects that are said to the stachelannone juice, in traditional medicine.


    Soursop juice is valuable. A daily dose of 1 to 3 times a day, of 50 milliliters each or in the Graviola monthly treatment of 2 x 100 ml in the morning and in the evening are recommended.

    Due to its viscous consistency, soursop graviola juice can be diluted with water or juices. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should not drink the juice on an empty stomach.

  • Soursop capsules

    Soursop Capsules: This is how the tropical tree fruit works

    Their prickly, up to four-kilo fruits hold great potential for the natural preservation of the vital functions of the human body. Soursop is rich in vitamins, minerals and contains antioxidants. Not for nothing the plant has been used for centuries by the indigenous people to relieve many diseases and to support the immune system.

    The power of the rainforest: Soursop rediscovered
    The peoples of the earth know many names for the prickly, large tree fruit. As a spiked or sour sack, we know the graviola in the German-speaking world. Guyabano, Guanabanna, Corossol, Sirsak or even Graviola - all terms denote the same inconspicuous but large fruit hanging from thick stems on trees. Graviola is native to all tropical and subtropical climates.

    Already in the Peruvian high cultures knew the characteristics of the fruit. There, the people especially appreciated the seeds, which were a popular burial object and whose poison was used for all sorts of religious purposes. The contained nerve poison annonacin is no longer used today in modern medicine. Who wants to buy Graviola capsules, can be sure to find in it a careful powder blend of the green components of the plant.

    Graviola is used today in all countries in which it thrives. On the Caribbean islands such as Cuba and Barbados, a strong tea is made from the leaves of the graviola. In the Philippines, the fruit itself is eaten roasted, in Indonesia it is prepared from an acid puree, from which a kind of pudding is cooked. In South America, graviola is popular for its juice and is used for drinks and sweet snacks. With us you can buy Graviola capsules filled with extract.

    Properties of Soursop: taste and healing power

    Graviola fruit, sweet and sour in taste, is referred to in English as Soursop, in Germany it is known under the name Sauersack or Stachelannone. The soursop leaves infusion is sweet in the taste. When you buy soursop capsules or soursop powder, you benefit from the gentle preparation of the dried plant.

    Many traditional medicine pharmacies in Asia and South America as well as India contain soursop capsules or soursop powder. The plant is said by its composition numerous positive effects for body and mind. It is therefore very popular in traditional Asian medicine. In Europe, it is just being rediscovered as a remedy that impresses with its simple dosage.

    To support therapies, many residents of the Graviola countries are happy to use soursop Capsules, soursop juice, soursop leaves or soursop powder to boost their immune system and protect themselves against bacteria, viruses and parasites. Soursop powder can have a positive effect on the liver and stomach.

    Also in depression, the natural serotonin content often reports a positive effect. The active ingredients improve the appearance of the skin and help with ringworm, the healing of abscesses and dermatological diseases. Hypertension and insulin levels can be affected by Graviola.

    Unconfirmed effects of Graviola extract

    The effectiveness of soursop against cancer is not confirmed by conventional medicine. Anyone who wants to buy Graviola Capsules, Graviola Juice, Graviola Powder or Graviola Leaves and wants to include them in the diet, should see the Graviola products as a nutritional supplement that can support the body in its functions, relax and strengthen the immune system in the long run. Pregnant women, people with low blood pressure and patients with neurodegenerative diseases should seek medical advice before taking Graviola.

    Buy Soursop Capsules: Our Assortment

    With us you can buy soursop capsules. In addition to those with pure soursop powder in capsules, we offer you various varieties of soursop juices, such as dried soursop leaves and pure soursop powder.

    In the tasting set, our Graviola introductory offer, you can buy Graviola capsules and at the same time get to know juice, leaves and Graviola tincture. Our Graviola one month treatment is for customers who want to apply soursop capsules, Gsoursop juice, soursop leaves, as well as soursoptincture for a longer period as soursop one month treatment.

  • Soursop leaves

    Buy soursop leaves as a versatile natural remedy

    The phytochemicals contained in the leaves of the soursop tree have a positive effect on human health on many levels. If you buy natural Graviola leaves, you can use it to make an infusion that strengthens the immune system, body cells and general well-being. Soursop leaves Tea, in the countries of origin, with many complaints support the success of a conventional medical treatment or are used as a gentle alternative to synthetic drugs.

    Buy Graviola leaves: genuine natural product from the rainforest
    If you buy soursop leaves and want to take advantage of the positive properties of the infusion made from them, you should always pay attention to natural quality. In order for all active ingredients in the leaves to have a positive effect on your health, the leaves must not come into contact with artificial additives or pesticides during the production process. In our shop you can buy dried graviola leaves, which are picked by hand in the rainforests of Peru. Wild-collected Graviola leaves are not plantations and are therefore a genuine natural product. Even after harvesting the active ingredients of the plant are largely preserved, because the drying of the leaves is performed particularly gently at temperatures of up to sixty degrees. As a result, the valuable phytochemicals and phytochemicals are not destroyed and can develop their cell-protecting and healing properties in the human body.

    Buy soursop leaves: a tried and tested natural remedy in South America and Asia's home pharmacies

    The peoples of those countries where the soursop tree is native have been using the plant for many generations as a versatile natural medicine to treat various diseases. In Central and South America, Asia and the Caribbean, where the graviola tree thrives in the rainforests, the highly aromatic and nutrient-rich fruits are considered to be an important foodstuff, with many positive effects on human health. In addition to the fruits, bark and roots of the tree, the indigenous people of these countries also use the leaves from which they prepare savory, strongly antimicrobial Graviola leaves tea infusions. When you buy Graviola leaves and use the infusion made from them, you are giving your body all the phytochemicals that are contained in the tropical plant that has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. In traditional medicine, the phytochemicals of graviola can fight viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, thereby supporting the treatment of various infectious diseases. Graviola natural products have been proven to gently treat infections, fevers and cramps and can relieve asthma, bronchitis and pain. If you buy Graviola leaves, you also have a gentle natural remedy with anti-inflammatory potential available. Graviola tea infusion can be used to support chronic inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders. In many tropical countries, Graviola tea is also used externally for ablutions to stimulate blood circulation and to reduce inflammation. People who buy Graviola leaves can make an anti-inflammatory broth that is ideal for the natural treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rashes. If you buy Graviola leaves, you can apply them directly to the skin under moist, warm conditions, to relieve itching and speed up the healing of inflammation. Graviola tea has also traditionally been successfully used to naturally lower high blood pressure and regulate blood sugar levels. Many people who buy Graviola leaves and use the infusion made from them, report a significant improvement in mental performance and resilience and a positive effect on mental upsets and mild depression.

    Soursop and cancer research

    As early as the late 1970s, pharmaceutical companies were conducting scientific research to investigate the possible anti-cancer effects of phytochemicals and phytochemicals in the tropical plant. The focus of the studies were the so-called Annonaceuis acetogenins. Laboratory studies and animal experiments have shown that acetogenin is able to suppress the energy supply of tumor cells and thereby inhibit their development and growth. All attempts of the pharmaceutical companies to synthesize acetogenin, did not bring the desired success. To date, studies are missing on humans who confirm the anti-cancer effect of acetogenins.

  • Soursop powder

    Soursop powder - rich in nutrients and strong for health

    The scientific name of Graviola is Annona muricata. It is also called Stachelannone, Sauersack, Guanabana, Corosol or Soursop and belongs to the Annonas.

    All plant parts are consumed in traditional Ethno medicine, as well as in the teachings of Ayurveda, and used in different ways, mainly the soursop fruit and the soursop leaves.

    The soursop portrait

    Originally soursop is native to the tropical rainforest and was native to South America, Asia, India and the Caribbean. Today, it has continued to expand in the tropical rainforests and has been cultivated in many countries for targeted production. Important for their growth is a semi-arid climate, where it does not tolerate oxygen poor soil well as dry and salty soils. The Graviola tree can reach a height of between eight and ten meters in uncultivated form. The other is for the cultivation, where the trees are much lower and also develop denser crowns. The graviola fruit is a large berry that can grow to more than twenty inches long and weigh up to four kilograms. The flesh of the berry is white, soft and juicy. Inside there are black seeds. However, they are toxic, so they must be removed for the consumption of the fruit.

    Graviola - the tree from which the soursop powder originates

    Soursop is an upright tropical tree that is evergreen. Its leaves are dark green and slightly shiny, while the fruits can reach a size of ten to twenty centimeters and are heart-shaped. The fruits of Graviola have a greenish yellow color on the outside, their flesh is white and tastes sweet with a slightly sour taste, hence the name sour sack or soursop. The pulp is considered a delicacy in South America and Asia. Centuries ago, the graviola, or spiked ore was used by the South American natives as food and also as a remedy. Traditionally, the graviola juice is squeezed out of the fruit and drunk. However, the graviola or spiky can also be processed into powder. Soursop powder is often used in the countries of origin for the preparation of tea.

    Graviola powder - its ingredients and its effect

    Due to its ingredients, soursop powders are said to have numerous effects. Soursop fruit is extremely rich in vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. These include in particular B vitamins such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. In the Graviola leaves are also called active ingredients, called Annonaceius acetogenins and which are said to have an antimicrobial effect and an anti-inflammatory effect.

    The natives use the natural remedy for worm infestation, as it has also proven to be effective against parasites. Among other things, Graviola powder is not only digestive, but also has an astringent, tonifying and an antibiotic effect. Overall, the intake of Graviola powder has a calming, antispasmodic and nerve-strengthening effect, and it should also have an antipyretic and antihypertensive effect. Do not take Graviola Powder while pregnant or breastfeeding. One of the reasons is that the powder may possibly promote labor.

    The health-promoting effect of soursop powder is manifested among other things in inflammatory complaints, for example in rheumatism and arthritis as well as in fever and convulsions. The anti-inflammatory effect is due to the ingredients, which include polyphenols and antioxidants among others. These are just a few of the positive effects attributed to Graviola powder.


    Soursop powder can be prepared as an infusion, for example, which can be drunk daily. It is suitable for green smoothies, can be mixed with fruit juices or cereal drinks, as well as raw salads, cereales or soups.

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