Shipping costs and delivery area.

Please note that cross-border orders / deliveries may result in additional taxes (eg intra-EU acquisition) and / or duties such as customs duties. These costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

1. Shipping costs:
Our shipping costs are incl. VAT and are based on the current DHL fees.

National / Germany
    up to 2 kg = 4,15 €
  > 2 to 5 kg = 5,50 €
 > 5 to 10 kg = 6,50 €

> 10 to 16 kg = 9,00 €


       up to   2 kg =  15,25 €
>     2 to   5 kg =  19,75 €
>     5 to 10 kg =  27,25 €
>   10 to 16 kg =  36,25 €


International / European Union

EU shipping costs

  up to 2 kg = 12,80 €
> 2 to 5 kg = 15,95 €
> 5 to 10 kg = 21,20 €
> 10 to 16 kg = 27,50 €

2. Delivery area and delivery time.

2.1 Delivery area
We deliver to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland (except Aland Islands), France (except Overseas Departments and Territories), Greece (with the exception of Mount Athos), Great Britain (except the Channel Islands) Ireland, Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia except), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, the Netherlands (with the exception of Overseas Territories), Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus (except northern part). The resulting shipping costs can be found in the prices and shipping costs.

International by appointment - use our contact form!

The delivery is climate neutral by DHL package, to the delivery address indicated by the customer. The customer must ensure receipt of the delivery of the goods, under the specified delivery address, without delay. Açai Dealer KG reserves the right to refuse orders or deliveries that are outside the said delivery area valid during a previous order or delivery of the customer or delivery to the delivery address can not be made more than once or if the customer has insufficient credit.

2.2 Delivery time
The delivery of products is made with the availability of products directly * after receipt of the amount of your invoice on our account.

Please make sure you receive the package by:

must be found on the delivery date under the specified delivery address
use the DHL reception service
specify a different delivery address when ordering under which you can ensure the receipt of the goods.
All deadlines and delivery dates are subject to change.

* On Sundays and holidays, the shipping date is postponed to the next business day. For the shipping days, the holiday rules apply in Germany, Baden-Württemberg. (See also