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12 x Juice. 2 x Capsules.  3 x Leaves.

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100% SOURSOP-JUICE -unfiltrated- (12 bottle, each 500ml)

  / 60 capsules)

100% SOURSOP CAPSULES Organic (2 cans of each 29,7 g)

100% SOURSOP LEAVES (3 pack, each 20 g)



100% Soursop Intense Treatment is based on ingesting various soursop products to ensure an effective and complete treatment for one month. 

The individual components have been carefully matched.


Especially for people with a holistic approach, it’s advisable to get this treatment with calm and awareness.


100% SOURSOP JUICE. Unfiltered.


The green, prickly fruit from South America has a white to caramel-colored and aromatic flesh. Mild, sweet and sour in the taste, Graviola provides the body with plenty of vitamin C and B vitamins and fiber. Graviola juice is traditionally used in Ayurvedic treatments in India and Sri Lanka.


100% SOURSOP FRUIT JUICE is obtained from pure soursop fruit pulp, and contains no preservatives or additives. It contains onlt the fruit's own sugar. It’s lactose and cholesterol free. 100% SOURSOP FRUIT JUICE is bottled in light-protected bottles to minimize the loss of nutrients. The production takes place in Germany.


Content: 12 x 500 ml/bottle

Ingredients: 100% Soursoup pulp, without preservatives or additives.


Enjoy pure soursop fruit juice, mixed with other juices or as a spritzer. Store in refrigerator after opening and consume within a few days.


100% SOURSOP CAPSULES - organic


100% SOURSOP CAPSULES contain 500 mg of purest ground organic Soursop powder (Annona muricata). The coating agent of the capsule consists of vegetable cellulose compounds and is suitable for the vegan diet. No further fillers are added. The capsules are produced in a organic certified company in Germany.


Content: 2 x 60 capsules/400mg)


 Ingredients: 100% BIO GRAVIOLA POWDER (Annona muricata). organically grown

Capsule material: HPMC capsules (hydroxpropylmethylcellulose), made from vegetable cellulose.

  100% vegan. Without animal gelatine or fillers.


Production / bottling location: Germany



100% SOURSOP LEAVES (Annona muricata). Wild harvest.


The hand-picked graviola leaves from the jungle of Peru are gently dried.


They don’t receive any further treatment.


Content:3 x 20 g Soursop leaves (Annona muricata)


Ingredients: 100% Soursop leaves, no additives.


Country of origin: Peru





12 x 100% Soursop juice (12x 500ml)


2 x 100% Soursop capsules organic (2 x 60 pieces / can)


3 x 100% Soursop leaves (3 x 20g)