100% SOURSOP JUICE – Unfiltered & vegan, 1 bottle of 500 ml
100% ORGANIC SOURSOP CAPSULES – Organic & vegan, 60 capsules of 400 mg
100% ACEROLA IMMUN CAPSULES  – Organic & vegan, 60 capsules of 550 mg

100% SOURSOP FRUIT JUICE unfiltered, vegan

Content: 500 ml

Ingredients: 100% Soursop fruit juice made from 100% Soursop fruit puree, without preservatives or additives.

Use: 50-100ml 1-3 times a day, pure or diluted with other fruit juices or water. If possible, take after eating.

Country of origin: Brazil / Colombia

Production: Germany / France

100% Soursop fruit juice, unfiltered, contains all important secondary plant substances and is obtained from ripe, pureed Soursop fruits. 100% Soursop fruit juice contains no preservatives or additives. It contains only the fruit’s own sugar and is lactose-free, cholesterol-free and vegan.
In order to minimize the loss of nutrient value, 100% Soursop fruit juice is filled into light-protected bottles.
Our quality is regularly checked in an independent laboratory in Germany.
Without residues, additives or preservatives. Free of pesticides and heavy metals.

100% ORGANIC ACEROLA IMMUN contain the purest, ground organic acerola fruit powder (Malpighia glabra). It contains no other raw materials, fillers or pressing / trickling aids. The capsules are produced in a certified organic company in Germany.

Ingredients: 100% ORGANIC ACEROLA FRUIT POWDER (Malpighia glabra) – 550 mg per capsule, from organic farming. Non-EU agriculture: DE-ÖKO 007.

Capsule material: vegetable cellulose. 100% vegan. HPMC capsules, without animal gelatine or filling / pressing / trickling aids.

Contents: 40 g (60 capsules of 670 mg each).

Use: 2 capsules daily

Country of origin: Brazil

Production / bottling location: Germany

100% Natural Vitamin C.

The acerola is one of the best vitamin C suppliers in the world. The natural vitamin C of acerola has a very high antioxidant potential and thus protects the body from free radicals.

100% ORGANIC ACEROLA CAPSULES offer a reliable, natural vitamin C supply. The intake of 2 capsules covers the daily requirement with 187 mg, this corresponds to 234% of the recommended NRV *.

In traditional medicine in South America, acerola is used, among other things. valued for their astringent, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and diuretic properties and is therefore used specifically in the treatment of these clinical pictures.

In general, a high proportion of vitamin C, as in acerola, helps to support vital body functions in humans. It performs complex tasks in the body and contributes to overall physical health.

Vitamin C supports:

  • the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • the reduction of tiredness & signs of fatigue.
  • the increased iron absorption.
  • the normal functions
  • of the immune system, especially during & after intense physical stress.
  • the blood vessels.
  • of energy metabolism.
  • of the nervous system.
  • normal collagen formation to function
  • the bone,
  • Cartilage,
  • of the gums,
  • of teeth and
  • of the skin.

Note: Dietary supplements must not be used as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The specified, recommended consumption must not be exceeded.


Content: 29.7 g (60 capsules of 400mg)

Ingredients: 100% organic soursop leaf powder (Annona muricata) from biological cultivation.

Capsule material: Vegetable cellulose. 100% vegan. HPMC capsules, without animal gelatin or fillers.

Use: 1-3 capsules 2-3 times a day.

Country of origin: Brazil / Peru / Colombia

Manufacturing: Germany

100% ORGANIC SOURSOP LEAF POWDER CAPSULES contain the purest organic soursop leaf powder (Annona muricata). The 100% vegan coating agent of the capsule consists of a vegetable cellulose compound. No other fillers or additives are added. The capsules are produced in a certified organic company in Germany.

Due to the Novel Food Regulation for novel foods, we can only offer Soursop leaf products within the EU under the name “Bath Additive”. 
We continue to use our very high quality organic soursop leaf powder. Fully certified and monitored by the organic inspection body right up to the last step, the declaration as a bath additive.
Our quality is regularly checked in an independent laboratory in Germany.
Without residues, additives, preservatives, free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Soursop leaf products are not recommended during pregnancy, low blood pressure and neurodegenerative diseases.
Please note that the information listed here is in not to be understood as a medical diagnosis, therapy, prescription or as a prescription. The use of our products does not replace medical advices.

The effectiveness of soursop against cancer has not been confirmed by conventional medicine.
However, international studies over many decades refer to the acetogenins contained in soursop, which have been shown to have tumor-inhibiting properties, in vitro and in animal experiments.
A collection of international, worldwide specialist studies and in some cases detailed medical reports can be found on the US website:

“US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health”,

Search terms: Annona muricata; Soursop; Soursop; Corossol; Guanábana; Sirsack