Content: 1 x 100%  ORGANIC SOURSOP CAPSULES. Biological cultivation, vegan. 60 capsules of 400 mg.

1 x 100% MORINGA VITAL – Natural cultivation, vegan. 100 pellets of 500 mg.


Contents: 29.7 g (60 capsules of 400mg)

Ingredients: 100% organic soursop leaf powder (Annona muricata) from biological cultivation.

Capsule material: Vegetable cellulose. 100% vegan. HPMC capsules, without animal gelatin or fillers.

Use: 1-3 capsules 2-3 times a day.

Country of origin: Brazil / Peru / Colombia

Manufacturing: Germany

100% ORGANIC SOURSOP LEAF POWDER CAPSULES contain the purest organic soursop leaf powder (Annona muricata). The 100% vegan coating agent of the capsule consists of a vegetable cellulose compound. No other fillers or additives are added. The capsules are produced in a certified organic company in Germany.


Due to the Novel Food Regulation for novel foods, we can only offer Soursop leaf products within the EU under the name “Bath Additive”. We continue to use our very high quality organic soursop leaf powder. Fully certified and monitored by the organic inspection body right up to the last step, the declaration as a bath additive.

Without residues, additives, preservatives, free of pesticides and heavy metals.

Soursop leaf products are not recommended during pregnancy, low blood pressure and neurodegenerative diseases.
Please note that the information listed here is in not to be understood as a medical diagnosis, therapy, prescription or as a prescription. The use of our products does not replace medical advices.

The effectiveness of soursop against cancer has not been confirmed by conventional medicine.
However, international studies over many decades refer to the acetogenins contained in soursop, which have been shown to have tumor-inhibiting properties, in vitro and in animal experiments.
A collection of international, worldwide specialist studies and in some cases detailed medical reports can be found on the US website:

“US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health”,

Search terms: Annona muricata; Soursop; Soursop; Corossol; Guanábana; Sirsack

100% MORINGA VITAL. Vegan.

100% MORINGA VITAL contains the purest ground Moringa leaf powder (Moringa oleifera). Pressed at 40 degrees in absolute raw food quality. They contain no other raw materials, fillers or pressing aids.

According to the latest research, Moringa can convince with its optimal synergetic interaction of the ingredients in over 700 scientific studies worldwide.

Moringa can nourish, nourish, prevent, regulate, repair and protect.

Moringa in ethnomedical use.

In Ayurvedic teaching, moringa is considered a diverse remedy, a tree that can work true miracles. The diverse composition and its use make this tree so special. All parts of the tree are used according to traditional knowledge.

“Moringa oleifera” is considered one of the most nutritious plants with a high mineral content in total. Moringa contains important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals in a very concentrated form.

Moringa is used in traditional medicine to prevent or cure various diseases. The leaves in particular are used in the alternative treatment methods.

The Moringa active ingredients are used by:

  • Blood sugar,
  • Blood lipids,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Diabetes,
  • Nervousness,
  • Eye problems,
  • Joint problems,
  • Gout,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Bacterial infections,
  • Inflammation,
  • Physical weakness.